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One-stop lighting solution

Lindner Sdn Bhd was established in June 1986 with the import and distribution of electrical parts and accessories as it's main business then. Lighting, in particular industrial lighting fixtures, was also a part of the business.

In later years, especially after 1991, our business transformed into the import and distribution of lamp-bulbs, control gears, light fixtures and lighting accessories, with lamp-bulbs and lampholders being our main business line. The company was initially named Lindner Electrical Sdn Bhd but the name was changed to Lindner Sdn Bhd, dropping the 'Electrical' part, in August, 2013, to better reflect our business activity which is no longer in the mainstream electrical business but more on the lightproducing sources and lighting parts.

As a whole we continue to supply parts and accessories to the local lighting, building maintenance, food and industrial businesses. Most of our lamp-bulbs are not commonly used in households but we do supply these household use lamp-bulbs at the same time. In our website we try to display the lamps and accessories that we normally keep stock. Our products come from Europe, America, Japan and China.

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